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jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2017

I was about to ask Santa for some books but

I was about to ask Santa for some books but then I realised I actually have a pretty good chance of quite a lot of reading this Christmas...

Well, to be honest, I have finished 'Mythos' from Stephen Fry at Torquay mainly because my daughter was always asking me for more stories once I begun to say 'once upon a time ...well, in fact, more properly the impersonation of time, God Cronos, decided once upon a ...well forget the beginning for the mome...oh wait ...He decided to eat one by one his own children'
And every night I have to feed again her young mind - as many generations have done -  with the day to day Olympic-issues creating humanity/cursing humanity/intercoursing with humanity (I skipped a little bit this point, I'm afraid) Fry's book has been such a source of fun for both of us.

I have finished others as well - this one cheating because I had started at home - the Fry Chronicles and The river of consciousness from Oliver Saks. When I start every new Sack's  I feared for a moment 'this will be the one that I would not like', fortunately, it has never been the case. My passion for the poet of science is firmly established, and the more I read him the more I like his prose.
I forget to talk about Neil Gaiman 'The view from the cheap seats ' and 'I shall wear midnight' from Terry Pratchett....
Well, That's all for the moment.